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In the forest

Our team is growing

Yonatan Cohen.jfif

Elor Sharoni

Yonatan Cohen

PhD student

Ariel University & HIT

PhD student

Faculty of agriculture, Rehovot


Avihai Nahami's picture

Avichay Nahami

Under-grad student

Bio-engineering, HIT

Yohanan Assouline's picture

Yohanan Assouline

Under-grad student

Bio-engineering, HIT

Principle Investigator

Bio-engineering, HIT

Yuval Dorfan

We are hiring

Excellent M.Sc. / B.Sc. students are welcome to apply to new SynBio and bioconvergence new projects. Please send your CV to: 

Alumni, our roots

Ilan Brajzblat
Benny Shohat picture

1 / Yonatan Cohen

2020: A project leader, synthetic biology usage for development of bacterial biosensors.

Current position: Researcher, Alagene 

2 / Avi Neuman

2021: Leading research of biosensors.

Current position: Project manager, FreeMind group

3 / Dr. Pedro Fontanarrosa

2020: Leading computational biology and synthetic biology as a collaboration with Prof. Chris Myers & Prof. Ehud Gazit.

Current position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Boulder, Colorado. Design, model & analysis of genetic circuits, focusing on predicting and analyzing circuit failures and developing methods for the re-design of genetic circuits to avoid these failures.

4 / Dr. Shai Zilberzwig-Tal

2020: Leading experimental biology and synthetic biology as a collaboration with Prof. Chris Myers & Prof. Ehud Gazit

 Current position: Post-doc, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

5 / Dr. Hagit Alon 

2021: Leading the group's computational biology and activity in our bio-chip project

Current position: Founder, Stealth-mode StartUp company

6 / Gilad Gome 

2020: PhD student as collaboration with Prof. Oded Shoseyov

Current position: Researcher, Reichman University 

7 / Ilan Brajzblat 

2021: Bio-reactor adaptation for new grants, cultured meat & outreach activities

Current position: M.Sc. student, Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Reichman University 

8 / Yael Morris

2023: Anti-mold paint

Current position: Engineer in local industry,

9 / Benny Shohat

2023: Anti-mold paint

Current position:  C4I Officer, IDF,

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